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Smart Cams

Welcome to Our Smart Cams!

Welcome to the Smart Cams Product Info page! Get ready to discover advanced features, detailed specs, and real-world applications of our cutting-edge smart cameras. Each product here is designed to bring convenience and security right to your fingertips. So go ahead, explore, and find the perfect smart cam that meets your needs!


Wifi Dash-cam


Explore our SmartCam – Wifi Dash-cam, your on-road companion for capturing high-quality journey footage. With Full HD resolution, a 5MP camera, and a wide-angle lens, it offers crystal clear visuals. The automatic on/off function simplifies use, and loop-cycle recording ensures continuous coverage. Its neatly hidden power supply keeps your vehicle tidy. Ideal for recording accidents or scenic drives.

Dual Dash-cam


Elevate your driving with the Dual Dash-cam, a high-tech dash camera with superior video quality. Powered by an NT96658 chipset and featuring a Sony IMX323 + VGA sensor, it offers smooth performance and high-resolution footage on a 2.0″ LCD display. The advanced H.264 photography compression technology ensures quality videos while saving storage space. The WDR function balances light for clearer images in varied lighting conditions. With built-in GPS, it records speed and route data. The Wi-Fi mobile display lets you manage footage on your smartphone. This dash cam is more than a gadget; it’s your reliable co-pilot.



The Dash-cam is a next-gen in-car tech featuring high-quality video recording and smart features. Built around an NT96658 chipset and Sony IMX323 + VGA sensor, it delivers top-notch image quality on a 2.0″ LCD display. It records in 1920×1090 resolution, using Advanced H.264 photography compression technology for efficient storage use. The WDR function adjusts exposure for clearer images in high-contrast light conditions. With built-in GPS, it records speed and route data, while the Wi-Fi mobile display feature allows easy connection to smartphones for viewing, saving, and sharing footage. The SmartCam – Dash-cam is more than a dash camera; it’s a smart driving companion.

Number Plate Camera


Boost your vehicle’s security with the Number Plate Camera. This specialized camera captures clear and precise images of number plates, making it a vital tool for safety and surveillance. Using Infra-red technology, it provides high-quality images in low-light or night conditions, offering 24/7 surveillance. Ideal for private car owners enhancing vehicle security or business owners monitoring vehicle movements. This camera records crucial evidence during incidents and acts as a deterrent to potential offenders.

SmartCam: Butterfly


Meet the Butterfly, a 6V / 12V reverse camera designed to enhance your driving safety and convenience. This high-quality camera provides a clear view of the area behind your vehicle, aiding in accident prevention and making parking easier. Compatible with both 6V and 12V power supplies, it’s suitable for various vehicles from compact cars to large trucks. Its compact design and straightforward installation process allow it to be mounted easily on any part of your vehicle’s rear, offering a wide field of view to detect hidden obstacles. The Butterfly is more than just a reverse camera; it’s a wise investment in safety and convenience. Upgrade your driving experience today with the Butterfly.


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